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Make life easier for both yourself and your clients with FlowFit

At FlowFit we have developed a platform that makes it easier for you to be a personal trainer. Whether you run your training online or by physical attendance, you can benefit from the platform, which at the same time makes it significantly easier for your clients to keep track of their training and progress.

On this page you will get an overview of how FlowFit can help you.

Keep track of your clients

Keep your entire customer catalog in one place and easily sort between personal and online training. Add client tags for an even better overview of, for example, different types of courses.

Track the progress of your clients

Both you and your client can easily follow their progress. Keep track of how much your clients are lifting from time to time, the number of repetitions or how far they are at the weight goal.

Make workouts

Access and change your clients training programs in FlowFit. Use the instructional videos from our database, or film your own so your clients can easily train alone too.

Put together diet plans

Customize diet plans for your clients. Use our large food database to compile your diet plans and save your favorite recipes for later use.

Calculate calorie requirements

Use our calorie calculator to quickly and easily calculate how many calories your clients should consume to achieve their individual goals.

Stay in touch with your clients

Drop WhatsApp, Mail, Messenger, SMS and the like. Instead, use the built-in messaging system for all communication with your clients. Then you have everything in one place.

Keep track of your client agreements

Book your clients directly into our system. The system automatically syncs with your calendar so you do not risk double bookings.

Complete your to-do list

Keep track of today's chores and appointments by creating two to-do lists in our system. Then there is no danger of forgetting a client agreement.

Send videos and documents to clients

Need to send videos or documents to your client? Send it directly into our system - then it is also easy for the client to find the material again.

Leave the GDPR to us

We control privacy policy, data processing of agreements, consent statements, backup, logging and encryption. We consult an external agency to ensure a high level of security.

Make sure your clients pay

Create your products and send invoices to your clients - either as installments or one-time payments. We keep track of whether clients pay and provide automatic billing when appropriate.

Our customers love us

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Maja Winther Hagens, personal trainer in Fitness World
“I use RibraFit as both trainer and client. It’s easy and straightforward in both roles. For example, it doesn’t take time to make a program. It benefits both me and my clients.


I highly recommend trying it. In fact, I’ve wondered why I didn’t say yes to it before … “

Klaus Ladegaard, personal trainer at Back2Basic

“RibraFit has made my work with clients much easier as everything is done on the site itself. It’s easy and straightforward to do both diet and exercise programs, and it’s smart to have videos connected to each exercise.


Diet and exercise programs are connected to each client, which makes it easy and quick to make changes to the plans. It’s super easy for clients to do their update directly on the page so I can go in and read it.

Likewise, all communication takes place here too – again it just makes the job a lot easier. 


I also got really good response from my clients, who all think it’s super cool that they can see their progress on the page, as well as start training sessions directly on the phone which guides them through the training.


Overall, I highly recommend RibraFit to others! “

Unsure if RibraFit is for you?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for answers, or book a demo.

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