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No. RibraFit is right for you, whether you are a “distance trainer” as an online trainer – or physically present in the training room while your client is training.
RibraFit is a platform tailored to both types of trainers – and clients. And you can see all clients under one tab. Or split them up by ‘physical’ and online clients.

And it is on purpose. RibraFit is aimed at ambitious and serious personal trainers (and online trainers) who already have the necessary insights into nutrition and nutrition – and who prefer to put together diet plans for their clients.
RibraFit, on the other hand, contains an extensive food directory – which makes it easy for you to find and select what you want. You can also always add more items yourself if your personal favorites are missing.
Once you have compiled diet plans and meals, you can save them – and, for example, reuse them to another client who fits the profile.

Yes. Strengthen the relationship with your clients – and replace (possibly gradually) the training videos in RibraFit’s large video library with your own:
Make the videos personal – also to the clients.
Compile whole workouts with supplemental videos – starring yourself.

No. We need to have a good relationship with each other – so if you want to unsubscribe, you can do it from month to month. Without broken and injured messages from us.
Therefore, you only pay one month in advance – so any cancellation will take effect immediately. And without being drawn further.

RibraFit does not punish you for success and many clients. Here, you instead fit into one of three subscription packages (see prices and subscriptions here).
So you only pay one fixed price package – and if you have, for example, 358 clients, you pay no more than when you had 16.
You can see it like this: The more clients you have, the cheaper your RibraFit subscription gets. client. Get started …

No. RibraFit is made as a website, and when clients log in, they encounter a highly mobile-optimized site from which to view their programs, tap their lift and communicate easily with you as a trainer.
If you would like the system to appear as an app, then we recommend that you get your clients to add RibraFit as a “home screen” on your phone.

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