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Flowfit - all in one system for personal trainers and online coaches

Use FlowFit if you want:

  • Multiple clients
  • Better business
  • Easier client contact
  • More leisure time
  • Personal branding
  • Automatic billing and calendar management
  • Ads targeting potential customers
  • A personal, well-functioning website.

Get full control of RibraFit

Create an overview of your business

Fast, easy and safe. Log in – and see the clients immediately
recent activities, today’s to-do list and any client messages.
Access it all right from the home page.

Make time for more clients

Save time on administration

RibraFit gives you an all-in-one system for you to avoid
time-consuming administration hassle. Get instant access to
all necessary functions such as training programs,
diet plans (non-autogenerated), client messages,
calendar system, booking, and automated payment.

Be strong with your clients

Use your own logo and name

Upload and customize. Achieve optimal branding of your coach business
with RibraFit. Use your own logo and name. Also upload your own,
personalized instructional videos. Replace and adjust gradually
the video library RibraFit was born with – if you like.

Benefits to your clients

Happy clients are more motivated

Your clients can log on to RibraFit with their mobile – also
while exercising. Here, for example, they note the number of kg they just have
lifted – and immediately sees weight graphs and personal progress.
Result: A motivation boost – every time they train.

Blue stamping of Flowfit: Your safety

Cooperates with Fitness Institute

Keep a safe course in the chaotic market of training apps and
Platforms: When you use RibraFit for your business as personal
trainer or online trainer, you mean it seriously. Then you choose
namely the same tool that is included in the teaching at Fitness
Institute – the country’s most professional trainer education.

The clients love Flowfit

Flowfit has obviously encountered a need for simple and
professional all-in-one clarity. Both in the country’s many
serious personal trainers – and their clients. Look forward to that
experience how RibraFit also makes all appointments and programs
between you and your clients measurably easier.

Do like the other serious coaches

Boost your business with Flowfit

Get started now: See the demo or ask us questions if you have any doubts. Or sign up for RibraFit now – and be up and running in 5 minutes.

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