Get success as a trainer, dietitian or therapist -
we help you all the way

Attract and retain clients with a complete all-round solution.

Use FlowFit if you want:

  • Multiple clients
  • Better business
  • Easier client contact
  • More leisure time
  • Personal branding
  • Automatic billing and calendar management
  • Ads targeting potential customers
  • A personal, well-functioning website.


Our software facilitates your working day. Here you can keep track of your appointments and your clients’ training programs, diet plans and progress. The system ensures automatic payment and all communication with your clients takes place on the platform. Then you are free to shuffle around between WhatsApp, Messenger, Mail and the like.

Our software makes everyday life easier for you – and makes it easy for your clients to get the most out of their process.

Website and advertising

When potential customers visit your website, you should preferably make a good first impression. Therefore, it is important that your website is complete, personal and transparent.
At FlowFit we make your website play. Together with our graphic designer, we build a website in a beautiful and mobile-friendly design.

We create a platform that makes visitors want to get in touch, and we collect your leads so you can keep track of them.

Would you like more hot leads? So have us help with the announcement. Through Google Ads and Facebook advertising, you can effectively spread your message to potential customers. We can target advertising to hit the right segment at the right time.

In short, we expose you to the right customers in the right way at the right time.

A unified package solution - for the benefit of you and your clients

At FlowFit we make it easy for you to be a personal trainer, online coach, dietitian, physiotherapist or similar. At the same time, we make it easy for your clients to get the most out of their process.

Attract more customers through targeted advertising and a personalized website. Keep track of everything about your clients in our software. Make it easy for both yourself and your clients to keep track of workouts, appointments, diet plans and so on.

We offer our services collectively and individually. Mix and match, or take the whole package as it makes sense to you. Read more about our services below.

Still in doubt? Let's answer your questions

Are you in doubt if FlowFit is for you? It is perfectly fair. All personal trainers, coaches and therapists are different and you should of course only use our services if it makes sense to you. Also, you only need to make use of our services that can actually help you grow your business.

Have questions about our services? Would you like to hear more about (parts of) our work? Want to know if FlowFit is right for you? Whatever questions you may have, do not hold back. Ask your questions below. We promise that you will receive a thoughtful and honest response.

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